Software - I've written it (well and poorly), tested it, helped other's make it, loved it, hated it, deleted it, solved my own problems with it... the list goes on. After 5 years and a few thousand hours, this is about where I land when it comes to lines of code.

While Building Software:

Keep it simple.

Don’t add features.

Solve real problems.

Solve your own problems.

Get it in the hands of real humans, quickly.

Stop knowing; start testing.

Try new things.

If it’s boring, don’t do it.

If it’s fun, try it.

Don’t repeat anything, that’s what machines are for.

Ask more questions, a lot more.


Work With Me

From time to time I take on software projects. I don't have much interest in coding anymore, but I'd be happy to help manage your project and make your techno-goals a reality. Hit me up if you want to chat!