Why I Donated my Couch And TV / by John DeVries

Recently I donated my couch, tv and other comfort items to charity. I did this not to deprive myself of relaxation, but to force myself to create more.

Did you know the average American (the USA variety) watches 5 or more hours of television per day? I wasn't consuming that much, and I enjoy a good movie or show, but I was likely losing 10 or more hours of my life, every week, to idle entertainment.

In "Flow, the Psychology of Optimal Experience", Csikszentimihalyi discusses how, once our basic needs are met, our personal happiness and satisfaction are largely dictated by how much time we spend in a 'flow' state (a state in which we lose track of time, complete focused on the task at hand). For me, that means writing, reading, taking photographs, making YouTube videos, or even just thinking deeply about various issues.

Do your household possessions support a lifestyle of activity and vitality or a lifestyle of lethargy and passive entertainment? 

This is your life; it's incredibly short. Before you know it, you will be a white-haired man or woman. How will you spend your most vital resource, your time?