photo of john k devries

John K DeVries

Intern. Motorcyclist. Adventurer. Guy.

Hi there. If youíre reading this itís likely youíve either become aware of me or somehow interacted with me via the interwebs. So, here are a few paragraphs about the guy youíre talking to.

Iíve been interested in all things Internet-business for as long as I can remember, after a somewhat successful run at freelancing, I realized what I really wanted was to build a company and learn from some real entrepreneurs.

Thus, I am currently interning with the Adsense Flippers. Iím particularly interested in starting my own company, perhaps by flipping blogs, niche sites, or maybe blog networks. For now though, Iím trying to create as much value as possible working on projects like ebooks and WordPress themes for my current bosses and mentors.

If you want to connect with me for any reason, look me up on Twitter or just shoot me an email via the form below. Cheers!